In the Anteroom

Each month a different artist has the opportunity to display their work in the anteroom at the Stamford Art Centre.
These are the the members displaying their work in 2017

Feb 1st – Feb 28th Committee

Mar 1st – Mar 31st Jane Sharp Retrospective.

Apr 1st – Apr 30th Judith Stafford

May 1st – May 31st Sarah Jennings

June 1st – June 30th Will Illsley

July 1st – July 31st Mark Green

Aug 1st – Aug 31st Jean Edwards

Sept 1st – Sept 30th Jax Crew

Oct 1st – Oct 31st Mary Kemp

Nov 1st- Nov 30th Terry Preen

Dec 1st – Dec 31st Ken Forrest

Contact Chris Illsley 01780 239531 or if you would like to show your work there at a later date.